josh + susan fowler

Adventure seekers // Dream followers
14 years of marriage // 5 kids // 2 businesses
We like living life to the fullest

She's a Carolina girl that made Virginia her home.  Adores everything about weddings and families and loves bringing out everyone's personality in their photos.

Quick Facts:
-in business for 10 years
-one of 5 kids
-has 5 kids (irony much?)
-loves math and even numbers
-except lucky #13
-married for 14 years!

meet susan

meet josh

He's a musician at heart and has never met a stranger.  The kind of guy that you may not see for years, yet he'll leave a voicemail saying, "Hey this is Josh, call me back!"  He first started filming videos in 2006, and officially started wedding films with Fowler Studios in 2012.

Quick Facts:
-can play almost any instrument
-once played keys for an audience of 38,000
-collects bourbon
-has a trivia rule named after him
-super dad to 5 kids


"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."