Maybe you've dreamed of this day since you were little, or maybe life hasn't turned out quite like you planned... either way, you're here and you're planning a wedding!  We're here to celebrate with you.  Whether you're planning an elaborate 400 guest party, or an intimate soiree for 10, we're here for you.

We love that wedding days come in all different shapes and sizes, locations, and languages.  We're here to learn about your traditions, and we're totally down for dealing with your crazy uncle!  Our goal is for your to be less stressed on your wedding day because we're around.  

Weddings shouldn't be stressful...

they should be fun!

We offer photo, video, or combined packages.  Our packages are based on the most common choices of past couples, but since every wedding day is a little different, we give our packages a lot of flexibility.

If you'd like the full run down of packages and services available, use the contact tab to get in touch and we're happy to send it over!

Bottom line: We love weddings, we love giving your relationship the credit it deserves and we really like making things easy for you!