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‘Tis the Season Again!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I usually have my Christmas cards sent out by now.  I have them made by Thanksgiving so I can address them over the break, and then mail them out the first day of December.
I could use the excuse that we moved, but really, we moved around this time last year, and I had them mailed out on time.  The real reason they’re late is because of Movember.  Mr. Fowler will not be wearing a moustache on our Christmas card this year, so we had to wait until December 1st so that he could shave.
At any rate, I’m glad I did!  Shutterfly is doing a promotion to give away cards!  My friend, Sheyenne, blogged about it yesterday, and boy, the cards this year are cute!

Good grief… there are roughly 5 zillion designs to choose from… which is right up my alley.
First I fell in love with this one:
I love how clean and simple it is.  It can go with just about any photo, too!
Then there is this one, which totally stole my heart.  This is the perfect way for families to share their special moments from the year without going into great detail in a Christmas letter.
And then, finally, this cutie:
It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s spunky!
Do you normally do Christmas cards?  When do you get them done by?
Oh, and if you want to get in on all the action with these cards, you can check them out here, or you can get a special deal here!