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Melissa’s Trash the Dress {Hampton Roads Photographer}

People have varying opinions about Trash the Dress sessions.  Some think, “Oh but it’s such a pretty dress!” while others say, “I’ll never wear it again & it’s already dirty from the reception.”
Melissa had another perspective entirely.  Her marriage is over, and she is now healing.  It’s not what she dreamed of when she was a little kid, but sometimes you have to roll with what life gives you and come out a better & stronger person on the other side.  And that’s exactly what she has done.
I think anyone that knows her would agree she is a strong person & trashing her dress is just another step in moving on.
From a photographer’s perspective it was a dream come true!  I mean, how many people actually want to ruin their dress during one of these sessions?  How many dare to bring up the word fire?  She did!  The only problem?  She’s lost weight & no longer fits in her wedding dress (did I mention she also has 2 kids?).  But that was okay, because we couldn’t really burn it with her wearing it anyway, right?  Here is a sneak peek at the results!

FYI: Wedding dresses burn quick.

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