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King Wedding {Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer}

In my quest to update my blog with the sessions I missed from this year, I must tackle the daunting task of blogging about a wedding.  Weddings are really, really hard to blog about because they can easily include a kajillion pictures & stories to match!

I have to say, this was the most fun wedding I’ve ever done.  I’ve known Kristen and her family for years, and I’ve gotten to know Dustin & he’s a pretty great guy.  The wedding was very well planned & organized, but Kristen was very calm the day of the wedding!  My favorite comment from the day was when her mom was taking pictures of the girls getting ready & said, “Oh wait, Susan’s here… I don’t need to take pictures!”

That’s what it’s all about– I’m there to take pictures so that others don’t have to.  I loved that they felt relaxed & comfortable & trusted me to capture their day in its entirety.  Also?  They were able to truly be present at the wedding & soak up every wonderful moment of it, rather than seeing it through a camera lens!


Ahem… I love a good ring shot… and I had a little time to play around with theirs, so brace yourself for several!

Ready for a pullback shot?  Here’s what I looked like while taking the picture above:

Normally I’d lay flat on my stomach, but I was pregnant during this wedding, so laying on my stomach wasn’t comfortable anymore!


Congratulations Kristen & Dustin!