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Newborn // Full Circle with Little J

I will be the first to tell you I am not a newborn photographer.  I’ve dabbled in it over the years, but I’ve found that it’s just not my niche.  If you’re looking for an amazing newborn photographer in the Hampton Roads area, I highly suggest Barb Spencer!  She took photos of my daughter as a newborn and I just have nothing but amazing things to say about her & her work!

However, I have dabbled in the area of newborns & have found that I do like to do ‘day in the life’ sessions.  Life with a newborn is crazy, but there are also those precious moments where they’re eating, or you’re snuggling, and it’s just a very peaceful time.  I love capturing that.  Very little posing and a lot of love.

This session was while I was still dabbling in all areas of newborn photography.  From time to time I may do a little bit of posing but again, definitely not my main focus.

And this session?  It holds a very special place in my heart.  I have known this little boys mom since I was 6 weeks old- the day she was born. Our parents have been friends all through the years & we all went to the same church until I got married & followed my husband to help plant a church.  We were only in the same class at school for two grades, even though we went all the way from elementary through college at the same schools!

And she’s the kind of person that when she announced that she was engaged, I knew it was to someone very special.  She didn’t just date anyone, and she has always had very high standards.  Sure enough, her husband is pretty awesome.

And this little guy?  Just adorable.  He looks a lot like his moms side of the family.  Carbon copy might be a better term for it!  When I first heard she was pregnant I was beyond excited.  Having my own daughter, I knew she would just love motherhood and, in true fashion, she would handle it with grace.

Here’s to snugly babies!  Want me to do your newborn session?  Let’s chat!  Use the contact feature at the top of this page.  We’ll get to know each other & make sure we’re on the same wavelength regarding what you’re looking for.  And as always, if I can’t help you get the images you want, I’ll find someone who will!