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Family // Victory Landing Park, Newport News, Virginia

After such a snow-filled winter this year, which immediately turned into a blazing summer spring, I think we were all a little terrified of what summer would bring weather-wise!  I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised!  It’s almost as if spring & summer switched with each other this year.  Sure, it’s hot, but not nearly as bad as it usually is, and this past week has really cooled off and brought some amazing weather for sessions!

We were very thankful for the nice weather with these two little ones!  They are one & two years old and had really great attitudes for us.  Their momma somehow found the time to make an adorable little fruit stand for the pictures as well!  Our daughters are close to the same age & I can’t even imagine how they begin to juggle two so close in age, but they do it well!  Photo sessions with little ones can be super stressful, but these two held it all together as if it was the easiest thing in the world!I love including outtakes for families who purchase the digital session!  There are some pictures that, while you don’t plan to hang them over the mantle, you still very much treasure them.  Little girls and their faces just crack me up!

Look at these two!  Ow ow!  And she has a gorgeous singing voice, as well!Peek-a-boo!

Oh my goodness… can this mom & daughter combo be any more gorgeous??Eeeee- so sweet!And this, folks, means the session is done!