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For the last 15 days we’ve had various family members in town.  Most people would be pretty worn down at this point, but we absolutely love having family visit us!  All of our immediate families live close to each other so it’s more practical for us to visit them on holidays and such.  But… it’s SO nice & such a treat when they come to visit us!

Let me tell you– we soaked up and appreciated every minute of having family in town!  The first week Josh’s grandmother & her friend came to visit.  We went on picnics to the park, lounged at the beach, and hit up Chick-fil-A more times than we should probably admit!  The next week my parents, sister, and nephew were here.  My nephew & Hazel are 6 weeks apart, so we pretty much spent all our time keeping them entertained & out of trouble.  🙂

Being a business owner, it’s hard to put work down.  It’s not just work, it’s my life- and something I love. For the first week I had a few deadlines I had to make, but for the second week I made a point to not let myself do more than 30 minutes of work each day.  Basically, I was just checking & responding to emails.  My clients waiting on images knew that it would be a longer turn-around than normal, and they were okay with that.

And the second my family pulled out of the driveway, I brought my computer out & got to work. It wasn’t disheartening– it was planned.  I planned to enjoy my family time, I planned to check emails through the week, I planned to work.  I learned that from Amanda Hedgepeth– if I plan it, it will happen.  If I just sit back & hope I have time to edit & spend time with my family, then I’ll attempt both but not be successful with either. But today?  Today is editing & mailing out packages day… so I better get to that!