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Family // Buckroe Beach with the Randolph Family

Back in the fall I started going to the chiropractor because I had massive headaches every single day. After going there multiple times a week for several months (my back was really bad & has drastically improved), I happened to find out that two of the people I saw every visit were married to each other!

On one hand, I felt so dumb!  How could I see them so often & not know?  On the other hand… they are very sneaky (aka: professional)!  As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one– their own co-workers never knew until they asked for time off for their wedding!  I love stories like that.  I can’t keep a secret for very long about anything big in my life, so I totally admire when someone can.

Enjoy these sunset beach pictures of a fantastic family– the kind with smiles so big you can see them from far off.  I went into the session only knowing two of them & left feeling like I was a part of the family!