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Personal // Keeping Up + A Day in the Life

For our personal family photos I organize them by month on my computer.  Sometimes I’ll get to the end of the month and realize that I don’t have any photos from that month other than from my iPhone.  It’s a shame, really, when I’m a photographer & there’s no evidence in our personal life.  So when that happens, I grab the camera and leave it on the table so I can quickly access it throughout the day.

These often result in my favorite photos because it’s a day in our lives and celebrates the little moments, like nap time.  In retrospect, I probably should have fixed her hair that day, but that’s another memory– she is not fond of fixing her hair these days!  This is evidence of a leftover french braid from the night before.Yep, she’s still in the crib.  She has a twin bed, but most of the time she prefers the crib.  As long as she’s not catapulting out of it, I’m fine with it.  It is definitely her favorite place in the world!  She loves to hang out, read, and play in there!See this giraffe?  One of the first presents we received from a friend after we found out she was a girl!  Half painted fingernails… bite marks on her crib… all beautiful memories.Yep, we have a dog.  Most people say, “You have a dog?!” when they first walk in because we don’t mention him much.  He’s a sweetie, and I’ve had him since I was in the 8th grade!  He has been so patient and gentle with Hazel, and she returns that back to him!She wanted to help with lunch, but I was making bacon so it was too dangerous for her to help.  Instead I gave her a butter knife, a banana, & a cutting board. She was so proud of herself for making dinner!

I hope you enjoyed a day in our life… and do your own!