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Weddings // Ryan + Jill // Magnolia House Inn, Hampton

Right as I pulled into the parking lot on Ryan + Jill’s wedding day the raindrops started falling.  What is up with rain on wedding days this summer?  For most weddings, I’m there from the getting ready to the reception, but Ryan + Jill chose to do only the family & couple pictures after the wedding.  The family pictures were a cinch, and then we had plenty of time for some romantic pictures. Sometimes a session begs to be edited in a different style than my norm and this wedding definitely fell into that category!  I’m not sure if it was the romance of the day or the dreariness of the rain, but I love the slight whimsical touch this different editing style gave to the feel of the day.  Don’t worry, though.  When a different editing style strikes my fancy, I still deliver a copy of all clean edits per my usual style.  Whimsical may look downright silly in 10 years, but clean & classic are always in style!Love, love love!Here are a few other favorites that I chose to stick with my normal style!Between the two of them they have four adorable kids!  Their house is going to be full of so much love, giggles, and pure chaos (of the best kind)!Congratulations!!