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Personal // Philadelphia

About three weeks ago Josh told me about an opportunity to go to Philadelphia.  This came during the absolute busiest month we’ve had in a long time (both personally & professionally), so I quickly said, “Sure!” and moved right along with life.  I honestly never thought we’d get all our ducks in a row that quickly, but we did and we’re here!As you can see in the picture, the entire city is under construction.  🙂  No really… everywhere you look there is so much work being done!  But the city is beyond beautiful. I wish I could tell you to expect beautiful, professional pictures of the cityscape, but… we didn’t take any.  We brought our camera thinking maybe we’d do a short video or get some fun pictures, but when it came down to it, we just wanted to hang out and not do any extra work (even though it’s fun!).We did the whole sightseeing thing.  Walked around downtown, saw City Hall (I’d love to take the tour sometime!), ate a Philly Cheesesteak at Geno’s, rode the subway, and walked through Chinatown.  It was really awesome to just be a tourist and take selfies all day long. We’re here for the Timothy+Barnabus Conference, which is amazing!  In a fun turn of events we ended up leading worship for the women Thursday & Friday.  We love singing together!

We’ve also met some pretty amazing people who are doing awesome things.  And the ladies have gotten 6 or 7 gifts in the span of 24 hours, so I’m enjoying that.  It’s like Christmas!  Most of all, it’s encouraging, which is exactly what we needed in the middle of a crazy season of life that we know won’t slow down for several months.  We love crazy and thrive off of it, but it’s good to slow down sometimes, too!

Plus, Philly is fun!  I can’t wait to visit again sometime!