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Highlight Films // Michael + Mikaela’s Williamsburg Winery Wedding

Sure, it’s Saturday night, but we just can’t wait to share this highlight film from Michael + Mikaela’s wedding at Williamsburg Winery!

We sat down with Michael, Mikaela and her parents a few weeks before the wedding to go over all the final details.  The music we license is high quality, but usually isn’t anything too popular, but we like to know the couple’s musical preferences so we can choose something they’ll enjoy for the highlight film.  Mikaela mentioned that she loved Phil Phillips’ song Gone, Gone, Gone. We took down the notes, and went about our business.  Fast forward to when Josh started making the highlight film– he had some music picked out and started his work… but something made him check just one more time… and that song was available!  Normally switching songs halfway through a project means just scrapping everything and starting over, but he made it work and it was so worth it!!

Also check out their wedding pictures here, and Mikaela’s awesome father-daughter dance here!

Kline – Burling highlight from Fowler Studios on Vimeo.