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Highlights from 2014

I love the last week of the year!  For the past four years we’ve been able to take a week off work and recharge, which is incredible.  I love looking back over the year and thinking about our highs and lows.  What we want to do again, and what we learned from.  We’ll start with one of our highlights!

I always have some fun goals, but I rarely write them down.  I need to start writing them down!  One of those this year was that I wanted a bride who didn’t have a white wedding dress.  I wanted something fun and non-traditional, while still having a somewhat traditional and classy wedding.  But… I wasn’t going to stop everything and search out a bride like that because I want to provide great images for all the couples who seek me out.  But guess what?  She found me anyway!  And a bonus?  She has a ton of tattoos, which was another thing that I really wanted to photograph!

Leila (pronounced like Lila) has a funky & offbeat personality.  She loves her family and loves her business, and lives life to its fullest!  When she first contacted me about her wedding I thought she was pretty cool.  We planned to meet up but it didn’t work out, so we had a FaceTime chat and I actually met her for the first time on her wedding day!  We hit it off well, and her family even came back for a mini session I did a month later.  Her family is ridiculously photogenic.

Did I mention that Leila owns a boudoir photography business?  She does amazing work!

Here are some highlights from Scott + Leila’s wedding!