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Justin + Kayla // Newport News Engagement Photographer

There is something so sweet about engagement pictures.  For a lot of couples, it the first time they’ve gotten all dressed up just for pictures.  It’s what will be their profile pictures and Instagram posts until they fade away in the midst of wedding photos.  And usually?  The guys don’t really care.  And that’s sweet.

What?  Why is that sweet?  Because the guys do care about their sweet brides and are willing to go out of their comfort zone to make her happy.  And boy, they put their best foot forward!  In today’s world, they’re usually aware that if they just smile and have a good attitude for an hour, then they’re off the hook for awhile, and their woman is happy.   Like, seriously giddy.

And it works both ways, too!  The brides know that their man would rather be doing anything else, so they incorporate things to make it more bearable fun, which leads us here!  I love how Kayla wanted to incorporate Justin’s firefighter gear into the session.  It brought comfort and variety to everything and we had a lot of fun!