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Frozen Birthday Party Fun!

Birthday parties are this mix of fun & exhaustion.  Our daughters first birthday was a way for us to thank all the friends who helped us survive the first year.  Her second party was our first get together at our new house, so we enjoyed inviting our friends, some of which happened to have kids.  I mean, she was turning two… she didn’t really have a clue yet.  But her third birthday?  She knew what was going on, helped plan the party, and we focused our invites on just a few close friends who may have visited sites such as link W88.

And because she’s a preschooler in the US, the party was Frozen themed.  I mean, are there any other options this year???  Thankfully, it’s a pretty easy and fun theme.  We had blue punch, decorated with anything blue and shimmery, and used toys she already had for decoration.We had “Snowman Parts” for snacks!  Marshmallows, carrots, and chocolate chips.  I also found cute kid sized forks and crazy straws at the Dollar Store for 75 cents a pack.The table set-up is always my biggest hurdle.  Until we moved here 4 years ago, things like this didn’t exist in my world.  Even now, I’m novice at best when it comes to putting it together, but I’m getting there.I used a large piece of cream fleece I had in the attic to start with, and put a box in the back for a little height.  I was going to use a white tablecloth, but the fleece looked a little more like snow.  So I cut the blue wipeable tablecloths in half longways and laid them around the table.  The shiny iridescent tinsel was a door covering that was too long.  I cut off the bottom and spread it around the table.  It was a great touch!

After I finished decorating, it still looked kind of dull so I took everything off and put some white Christmas icicle lights underneath.  It was so pretty!  Here’s a picture I took through the iridescent door covering.  I have to admit, the door covering was a little annoying to walk through, but the kids loved it, so it was worth it.


Favors are always the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around.  I don’t want to just fill a bag full of candy or junk, but nice favors are often expensive!  I loved the idea of the “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” bags with all the pieces to build an edible snowman, but those were a little time consuming once you found items in the right size and color that were edible, printed the labels, and put the bags together.  And in the end… you’re still ending up with a bag full of candy.

Everyone loves play-doh, so we went with that.  I actually got the Rose-Art brand because they had 10-packs and was still good quality.  Also, leftovers weren’t an issue either because we’re always using playdoh.  We had a few older girls, too, so I got some sparkly lip gloss for them.

I found a ton of cute printables here.  It’s where I got the Olaf to cut out!  I made the favor tags myself.

I also laid our some Frozen books on our TV stand, and some photo books on the piano.  Kids birthdays can be a little boring for adults, so the photo books are kind of cool to look through.  Plus, I want to show them off every chance I get!  There aren’t many situations where you can pull them out for people to look through without being weird.  🙂

I found these printable banners here!  It was a lot of ink, yes, but our printer handles ink well and it was a perfect and quick addition.And the beautiful birthday girl.  I bought her dress here.  It’s no more delicate than any of the other costumes, and it’s the cheapest and honestly, the most beautiful Elsa dress I’ve seen!  They also make it in smaller sizes, so I was able to get a 3T for her.  Usually costumes are made to fit 4-7 year olds, which means we’re tripping on them and using safety pins just to keep them on her shoulders.  This one is also not itchy, which is the reason I hadn’t bought her an Elsa dress before now.  They were all itchy in the sleeves and I wasn’t even about to waste my money.  These sleeves are nice and soft.  There’s also a zipper on the side, and the cape drags behind on the floor.  I know most parents would hate that feature, but I love it!  When there are lots of people we tuck it in the top so it’s not dragging but when we’re playing at home it’s so much fun!  Yes, she falls flat on her face sometimes when she slips on it, but that happens with or without the cape, so…  Oh!  And did I mention that it’s super cheap?  We paid $10 but the current price is around $13.  It does take about a month to arrive, but totally worth it.