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Standout Vendors | DJ Rodney Charles with Astro Entertainment

Standout Vendors is a new feature you’ll be seeing around Fowler Studios!  The inspiration came this weekend during Alyson + Bud’s wedding.  It was our third wedding with DJ Rodney Charles and man, he is so awesome at his job.  When I found out he was there, I knew the reception was going to be amazing.

To let you know a little about our criteria for Standout Vendors, it’s simple!  They stand out from all the other vendors with their personality, quality of work, and professionalism.  We’ll try to just pick one from each wedding this year, which will be hard!  There were three incredible over-the-top amazing vendors just at Saturdays wedding alone!

DJ Rodney Charles absolutely nails all three of those categories.  Before I started photographing weddings, I had no idea how much the DJ affects the entire reception– and even the wedding!  A DJ can single handedly get everyone dancing, or make everyone want to go home early.  Their sound systems either let all your guests hear your vows or leaves them in the dark.  Rodney makes sure everyone has a great time, keeps the timeline flowing smoothly, and works with other vendors to make everything run perfectly.  When Rodney’s there I know I don’t have to worry about him announcing the cake cutting when I’m out of the room!

Personality wise?  He’s exactly what you want in a DJ!  He’s down to earth, but fun, and knows how to get a party going.  Just like a professional photographer is important to capture your wedding day memories, a professional DJ is important to help make those memories!  And he truly loves the wedding industry.  I can’t say that about every vendor I’ve worked with, but Rodney is a positive guy who loves his job and the couples who are getting married.

Now, I’ll admit I don’t have the coolest picture in the world of Rodney– I just snapped one last Saturday during the reception– but it’s nice to put a face with the name.  He didn’t pose for this picture and he’ll probably kill me for the funny look on his face.  He was concentrating!  You can also check out some of our videos on his website that show his work well!

And here are just two of the receptions that he’s DJ’d at.  As you can see– lively and excited guests all around!