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The Beauty in the Differences

We’re often told that we have eclectic taste, and I think that’s pretty spot on.  We truly love to see the art in everything around us.  Our bedroom favors Ikea while our kitchen favors grandmas house.  Our dining room walls have everything from a raised map of the Appalachian mountains to a canvas our three year old painted with her fingers.  I think our eclectic taste is mirrored by the wide range of brides that choose us, and I love it!  Our goal is always to make every bride feel comfortable and pull out the most beautiful aspects of each wedding to highlight– and our couples really appreciate that.

We are constantly surrounded by incredibly creative couples who put their heart and soul into their wedding days.  Last night when I was looking through some pictures, I had to put together this collage of bouquets from the last few weddings for you guys to see the variety!  I am in love with all the different sizes, shapes, colors… and one that is entirely made of paper!

Thank you to all my beautiful and creative brides for making every day a little different!  It really warms my heart that each of you have asked us to be a part of your wedding day.  It’s a huge honor, and humbling to know that so many different personalities love our work and choose us to capture such an important day!

Fowler Studios Bouquets_0002