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30th Anniversary Vow Renewal // Vernon + Linda // Harley’s Haven, Windsor, Virginia

If you’ve been around here for more than a day, you know we love showcasing how each couple is extraordinary.  Even if your love story seems so normal… there’s always something that makes it stand out and shine.

Vernon + Linda… oh my.  Josh filmed their 30th anniversary vow renewal and I literally started tearing up just watching the raw clips before he put them together in a film.  They are perhaps the cutest couple ever!  At one point Linda shared some really heartfelt information about how they planned the day and why it was so special to them.  Vernon walked in the room at the end of it and she asked if he wanted to add anything.  “I think my belt is too long,” he said!

We often have the honor of capturing love in the early stages on a wedding day, but wow… to capture it after 30 years… it’s really something special that can’t be put into words.  Enjoy falling in love with Vernon + Linda!

Vernon & Linda :: Short Feature :: Windsor VA from Fowler Studios on Vimeo.