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Dana + Dave | Norfolk Engagement Photographer

I met Dana + Dave at a park on a Saturday morning and suddenly panic started to set in.  I typically chat with my couples ahead of time and make sure we’re a good fit, but with these two, time was of the essence.  We chatted on the phone briefly Thursday night and Saturday morning was their session.  That was another thing– I typically don’t do 10am sessions because I prefer the creamy sunset (or sunrise!) lighting.  And I’d never been to this park before, but Dana assured me it was a great place.

But you know what?  It couldn’t have turned out more perfect!  I felt like I’d known Dana + Dave for a long time– they’re definitely the type of couple that I would hang out with anyway!  And as it turns out, Dave had attended a wedding I’d photographed a few years ago!  The session went fantastic, Dana + Dave totally showed off how in love they are, and, well… I’ll let the ring speak for itself!!!