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Miss Isla // Hampton Roads Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

We get asked about newborn photography a lot… and the answer is, yes!  We absolutely do newborn photography and love it!  The thing is, there are two very different main styles of newborn photography: posed & lifestyle.  While we’ve done posed in the past and loved the results, our hearts just aren’t in it enough to keep up with the vast amounts of props and equipment used to do them well.  So about two years ago we decided to hang that hat and stick with lifestyle newborn sessions.  Sometimes we’ll throw some highly posed images in the mix if the baby is sound asleep and quite pliable, but most of the time we just love capturing life and interaction with a newborn.

This is our third session with this fantastic family, and I just love watching them grow and interact together!  We had a great time chatting while older sister Bailey told me all about the quesadilla she was going to eat for lunch.  Daniel Tiger made several appearances in the photos, and Bailey & Isla totally and completely fulfilled their roles as oldest and second child by their faces in their photos together!

When it comes to our newborn sessions, our goal is to truly capture the beauty of imperfection.  Because life with a newborn is full of awesomely imperfect fleeting moments.