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To ALL The Moms… Even If You Think You Are Not A Mom.

We’re changing up the blog a little bit today!  Josh wrote a really awesome heartfelt post about moms for this special day!


What can be said about the moms of the world that hasn’t already been said? I can’t think of much. There’s hardly a post I’ve read as of recent that captures the image of moms in a new or fresh way. All in all, I think they are truly the modern day warriors of our society. No matter the shape of their role or the dynamic of their family, they do some things that most of us would never do. They cook, clean, wipe butts, wipe tears, kiss knees, put up with attitudes, get yelled at, laughed at, shamed, praised, lauded, condemned, coveted, and revered, and all of that in the same day! Sometimes they do nothing right, but if it makes for a good article they do nothing wrong. We’ve kind of given moms a bit of an identity crisis. I’d be scared to be a mom in today’s world. They have a high standard, and people don’t tend to be shy when they think you’ve fallen short of whatever standard they’ve chose to impose upon you.


Moms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and I’m not talking about physically. There are so many moms who have to be “mom” in a different way. Maybe they’re a foster mom, or perhaps they’re that “cool mom” in the community who opens their home up to all the neighborhood kids. Then there’s the other kind of “cool mom” that we all love to hate. The one who lets her kids AND whoever else happens to be around get away with whatever. She’s the mom who just wants love and approval from her kids because perhaps she’s never had any from anywhere else. Then there are the Grandmas who happen to literally be “grand” moms because that’s the situation God has allowed them to be in. Perhaps there was a death, or the parents just couldn’t be parents. Sometimes, there’s NO mom, and dad has to be both mom AND dad. (Are those dad-moms? Who knows?) Either way, those dudes who are both dad and mom… You guys rock! Sometimes teachers have to be mom, because mom doesn’t feel like being mom. I mean, someone has to be, right? Teachers, preachers, Sunday school leaders. You’ve had to be “mom” at one time or another. And how about the single moms? Don’t forget about the single moms! Holy wow. That’s hard. Just to think about all that work you put in! (I’ve heard.)  Then sometimes for a lucky few, there’s just mom. (And I use the term “just” loosely here, mostly for lack of a better word.)

Hopefully, for whatever type of mom you are, I managed to mention you in the last paragraph. I did this for two reasons: 1) It’s so easy to forget that there are so many types of people who take part in raising a child, and it’s doesn’t always happen the way you picture it. Mom’s jobs, however they happen to be, aren’t easy!  2) People often get discouraged looking at their situation, but the truth is, someone else somewhere has it harder than you. Don’t forget that!


The bottom line is this, moms. You are loved and appreciated. SOOOO Much! The world needs you! We depend on you, we cherish you, and we LOVE you. Don’t lose sight of that in the hustle and bustle that is our world today. Little lives, and big kids (even adults!) We need you. Happy Mother’s Day!