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Margaret + Wesley’s Richmond Wedding | Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church + Tuckahoe Woman’s Club

From the first phone conversation I had with Margaret, I was excited about her + Wesley’s wedding! For special days like this, couples can give each other items like those Wax anniversary gifts to be a symbol of their love.

She was referred to us by another photographer who wasn’t available on her wedding date, and we ended up having a lot in common.  She lives in my favorite place– Greenville, SC.  It’s where we lived right before moving to Virginia, and it’s definitely one of the most beautiful places in the south.  Wesley proposed at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC– which is also where my high school prom was held! And then Wesley’s parents live right outside of Atlanta… guess who else used to live outside of Atlanta?

Uncanny locations aside, I really loved getting to know Margaret, Wesley, and their families.  Everyone was so genuine and fun, which really makes a wedding day run smoothly!  We also got formal photos done in record time!  Record time I tell you.  Normally we joke that family photo time is a bit like herding cats.  We have every photo planned out so they go quicker, but just with the nature of large groups of people in multiple photos– it takes time!  But Margaret + Wesley’s families were on fire!  We breezed through family photos in 15 minutes, making sure they got to their reception in a timely fashion.

Major thanks to my second shooter & assistant, Emily, for covering some great shots, carrying around and setting up my equipment, and being my biggest cheerleader throughout the day!  Seriously, I need to carry her around in my pocket to every wedding!
Their wedding was held at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Richmond, where the brides parents and grandparents were both married!  They had a special photo of each couple walking down the aisle after their ceremony, so I was sure to capture another one to add to their collection! Those bridesmaid dress hangers– aren’t they just perfect?Funny faces aside, THAT VEIL.  Isn’t it stunning?  It’s the veil her mother wore on her wedding day, too!  I’m just in love with all those neat details and generational gifts.Men, can you imagine walking your daughter down the same aisle your wife walked down a few decades back?  Ahhh— it makes my heart flutter!After the ceremony we were on a very tight schedule, so we walked straight out the door and across the street to the median for pictures.  It was Margaret’s idea, and a perfect one!  It can be a little tricky photographing large groups in a median with cars driving by and neon signs everywhere– not to mention it was the middle of the day with bright sunlight!  But everyone worked so well together that it was a breeze!  And special thanks to the family that moved their picnic so we could make the best use of shade– they were such troopers and I hated to be in their way, but they were so nice and accommodating.  I love playing around with cathedral length veils!The reception was at Tuckahoe Woman’s Club, which I had never been to.  Before I even walked in the door I was greeted by their security guard so welcomed me with open arms and told me all the best spots to get photos.  What an awesome guy!

Ceremony: Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA  |  Reception: Tuckahoe Woman’s Club  |  Photography: Fowler Studios  |  Second Shooter/Assistant: Emily Gibby