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Cartesterson INK | Win $25 To Your Favorite Place!

I’m totally loving the hand lettering and watercolor look lately.  It’s so beautiful, complicated, simplistic, and messy all at the same time… kind of like life.  And as much as I love a cheap download to print myself, an original piece of work is just incredible.  And that’s exactly what Cartesterson INK is doing!

100% of their profits go towards funding their adoption of their 7th child, Sylvia Grace, who currently lives in Bulgaria.  Most of the items you see in this post are $3-11, and they’re more than happy to do commission work, requested sizes, etc.

The quality is just amazing.  Every piece is on thick, textured watercolor paper.  It’s all hand drawn, hand painted.  No copies here.  I mean, seriously, that’s hard to find!

You can do so much with these– put them in a frame for the house, stock up on Christmas gifts, art for your kids room, bridesmaid gifts, a unique wedding favor (your guests would flip!), table numbers for a wedding reception, a sign for your wedding… I could seriously go on and on!

Buying one (or two, or ten) means bringing an orphan to her family.  That beats a pretty wall piece from Target any day! Here are just a few of the ones she had available this weekend.  If they’re sold before you get to them, don’t worry– they’ll happily make another one just for you!  When it comes to commissioned work, they’ll do any size, any colors– you really get to choose what you want!  The reason you see a few different styles is because it’s not just one person making them– it’s a family project.  They’re working together to bring their little girl home.  Ahhhh if that doesn’t break your heart into a million tiny pieces, I don’t know what does!
^That last one on the left with the funny shape?  That’s the outline of Bulgaria, where Sylvia currently lives.  Make sure to check out Cartesterson INK!  And if you buy something this week, let me know so you can be entered into the drawing for a $25 gift card (you pick the place)!  I’ll choose a random winner on Friday, August 28, 2015!