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Sandy Bottom Nature Park | Family Sessions | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

One of my favorite things about photography is how many different people I get to meet.  Heather first saw our work 5 years ago when we did a senior session for one of her family members, and when she was in town a few weeks ago, she took advantage of that time to squeeze in a family session with her family & her sisters family!

Because of schedules, we had to do this session at 3:30 in the afternoon.  I specifically chose Sandy Bottom Nature Park because of the super tall trees that cover most of the park.  It provides great shade and lets the sunlight sparkle through the trees even in the middle of the day!  The downside of Sandy Bottom is that the lighting changes drastically if you move around the park, but it’s worth it!

And because teenage girls will let you take many more pictures than teenage boys, I got quite a few favorites of this lady!