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The Nichols Family | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

This sweet family just celebrated their first year as a family of six.  A year ago this week, they were all in China getting to know Aila and welcoming her into their family.  I’ll never forget the excitement we felt back home– just a tiny slice of the excitement and love they were feeling over there.  At the time they had very little idea of what to expect when it came to her health, cognitive skills, or anything else.  She has down syndrome and spent the first two years of her life in a Chinese orphanage.  Yet when she was welcomed into a loving family, we got to see her grow into this amazing little lady who walks, and communicates incredibly well, and loves her family so very much.  It’s incredible.  They’ve changed her life and she’s changed theirs!

In true Nichols style, we did this photo session in their backyard and focused on being relaxed and fun.  Each of their kids are adventurers full of personality and love.  Despite high tide flooding, the session went off without a hitch!