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Tom + Jami | Short Feature Wedding Film | Virginia Wedding Videographer

Since Josh is now full time in the business with me, I think it’s high time he start writing his own blog posts!  🙂  I’m halfway kidding, but it makes way more sense for him to write about his weddings than for me to ask him a million questions and attempt to relay his same passion, so enjoy!

Last minute crisis, unusual availability, and how we were fortunate enough to meet one really wonderful couple. Welcome to the story of Tom + Jami.

I’m not sure how this happened to us, but as we’ve grown in our craft and became more successful at this photo and video thing we do, we have found ourselves busier and busier in the fall each year. I was always of the impression that May or June was quintessential wedding season, and while I guess there is some merit to that, we have found we just get slammed each fall.

Friday September 25th was like many other Fridays in the Fowler house. Since at the time I was still working for Waters Edge Church full time, I was working our typical Sunday through Thursday schedule. I got used to my “Saturday”  being everyone else’s last day of the work week, and so doing things like changing the oil, and going grocery shopping proved to be a lot easier in the middle of the day, when everyone else was at work. This Friday was no different. In the middle of our day, I happened to jump on Facebook and saw where my friend Dave Williams of Cinema Cake Film Makers in Philadelphia, PA had posted about a bride and groom needing a videographer the next day because theirs had been involved in a collision and weren’t going to make it. Now let’s pause right here…

Holy cow, can you imagine the feelings you would have as that couple?! It would be such a weird place to be! On one hand, your first priority is the safety and concern of this team you hired. On the other hand, tomorrow is your big day, and you want to make sure all the bases are covered, including catching this whole thing on film! I literally can’t imagine the stress and roller coaster of emotions. As a quick way to get rid of stress, some play games on sip777.

I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that if you are considering getting married, this is where it REALLY comes in handy to have a wedding planner. And Tom and Jomi had a great one. Enter Tonia Arsenault of Aribella Events. She hit the ground running trying to find a replacement. Word spread like wildfire about this couple who needed a videographer last minute.

Ok let’s back up a few lines to my pal Dave. Dave mentioned this quandary in a post in one of our film maker groups, and asked us to message him if we were interested in doing it. Somehow, in the midst of our very busy fall, I was neither shooting a wedding, nor helping Susan. I had the whole day off! What are the chances?

Within a matter of minutes I was in touch with Tonia, the freaking awesome planner I was just telling you about (this is your second hint to, at the very minimum, hire a day of coordinator). In just a few hours, we were told we were the team who would now do their video. What the what?! Yeah we couldn’t believe it either.

The next morning, my assistant Eddie and I were headed to Linville, Virginia, where we would see some of the most beautiful scenery Virginia has to offer. The Barn At Klines Mill was the amazing backdrop for the whole day. The wedding had a rustic yet very updated feel, but what really brought everything to life was the couple and their exuberant, outgoing friends and family. Tom, the groom, is a man’s man, and an avid CrossFitter. Jami, the bride, is a North Carolina girl who moved to Philly, and I could tell right away that her and her bridesmaids were an unusually tight knit group of girls.

At this point, you’ve got a good background for this video. Although I can’t overstate how cool this couple really is, there’s not a ton more I can say that the video won’t show you about Tom and Jami. We hope you think they are as much fun as we do. Grab a coffee, and enjoy!


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