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Adriana + Bryan’s Chesapeake Golf Wedding

Adriana + Bryan’s wedding day was just incredible.  Her necklace was the same one her grandmother wore on her wedding day, family who was unsure whether they were able to fly in from Italy arrived just in time, and that dress— oh my goodness it swayed and bounced perfectly with every twirl on the dance floor!  Adriana+ Bryan are both super easygoing– so much that when there was another wedding happening an hour before them, Adriana happily moved her getting ready location to the main restroom for the facility to make extra room.  Seriously, she didn’t miss a beat and was so full of joy the whole day!  She was marrying the love of her life and nothing was going to dampen that.  🙂

And Bryan– what a gentleman!  It got pretty chilly while we were taking pictures so as soon as we were done Bryan offered up his jacket for Adriana to wear on the walk back to the reception.  Seriously- those two are the sweetest!