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Heather + Tim | Fort Monroe | Hampton Roads Photographer

Oh these two– where can I even begin?  Heather + Tim are some of the best people I know.  They’re family to us, and have been so kind to watch our daughter, Hazel, for the past three years.  She absolutely adores them and calls them Heffer and Timmy.  They treat her like a princess!  No seriously– she has a Barbie car, dollhouse, and so much more at their house.  They’ve taught her about sports, which may be similar to that UFABET Casino, (although she gets every single team and sport confused), and keep her well stocked on cute owl pajamas.  They take her to baseball games where she’s gotten to run the bases with the mascot, the pumpkin patch, the park, and more times than I can count, I’ve dropped her off before 7am on a Sunday and they’ve taken her to church for us.  For awhile in the 3 year old room, I’m fairly certain they thought Heather was her mom instead of me.  We’ve also been asked if Josh and Tim are brothers because they see us together with Hazel so much.

When they told me they wanted a photo session, my eyes lit up.  To be able to give back to them in a small way when they’ve done so much for us… it gives me joy!  And also responsibility– no pressure, but I had to make it perfect for them!  They, of course, said that it was no big deal, and they didn’t want me to spend too much time on it blah blah blah.  🙂   I’d been waiting three years for this, and I was positively giddy!

They chose Fort Monroe, which they visit often, and of course they brought their Cowboys jerseys.  I (along with everyone else who saw the sneak peeks) was quite impressed that Heather got Tim to wear anything other than shorts and a t-shirt!  He was good natured, and the button up was a great look on him!

One more fun fact– they got married in the Food Court at the mall on Valentine’s Day during a special wedding event.  I just love that story– I think it speaks so much to their love and how the frills don’t matter to them.  They just love having each other.  <3  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed capturing and editing them.