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That Crazy Hashtag… #fowlenscdomiwilsfrandisneytrip

Once upon a time 19 friends went to Disney together…

But only 17 of them made it to Disney because one nearly died and he and his wife had to stay behind in Virginia.  I’m not kidding– our friend’s dad went to the doctor on Saturday and found out his heart was 99% blocked.  Needless to say, the doctors absolutely forbade him to go to Disney.  He is now on the mend and back at home, thankfully!

So 17 friends at Disney together.  We’ve been planning this trip for 3 years.  And made our reservations and deposits a year ago.  Six months ago, we had already made our dinner reservations!

This picture, I did take… with an ice cream cone in one hand and a camera in the other!

I think we were all a little scared about how this many people would navigate a week together on a high energy vacation with children, but it’s worked out quite well so far!

Don’t get your hopes up for pictures, though… we haven’t taken anything fancy.  Just quick snapshots here and there.  We bought the Memory Maker photo package so we get all the character pictures and such, and we haven’t even lifted a finger to take any of those unless they didn’t have a photographer with them.

It’s kind of funny, really!  The photographers all ask, “Oh, do you want me to take a picture with your phone?” And I’m like, “NO!!!!”  Really, there’s no sense in taking a picture with their camera and then one with my phone– just wasting time that we could be spending having fun, meeting Mickey, and enjoying family.

So the sad part is there won’t be a trillion amazing photos from this trip.  In fact, the photos we have are a little embarrassing because they’re not what people expect from us.  But…. the best part is that we know our fans, and we know that y’all would rather us have a good time than take perfect pictures all week!  And that is why we love you!

^^ That’s the one picture we have of our whole crew thanks to the Disney crew at dinner on Tuesday.

Oh– and that hashtag!  The one that has left everyone scratching their heads over on Instagram this week?  It started as a joke, and then we just kept it.  It’s the first 4 letters of all our last names and completely obnoxious.  But hey– that’s what hashtags are for, right?