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Hendrickson Family Photos at Fort Monroe

The Hendricksons— oh my goodness what a sweet family!  I’ve loved watching them grow over the years, and when I think back to our first photo session together I have to laugh a little.  Their son, Carter was very young– and it was one of those sessions where you do anything and everything to make sure that the youngest child is perfectly happy.  If the child is happy, every picture will be wonderful.  If not, then… well, every parent with a young child knows exactly what happens!  Chaos.  We were at the beach, so there was some sand thrown, which *might* have upset his sister when sand landed in her hair.  You know, basically a normal family photo session at the beach.

To all the parents that have ever left a session feeling defeated by your kids… it does get better!  And, of course, my job is to always make sure to get some awesome family photos where you think, But I thought my kid was awful the whole time??  He/she smiled once?!  Twice?!  How did these pictures happen?

So take heart, parents of young children.  One day you’ll look back and laugh at those crazy times.  That’s where the Hendricksons are today.  There were some hilarious outtakes (like these first few) where Carter was definitely showing his charm, but overall, they’ve hit that stage where family photos are fun again.