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Thanksgiving Family Reunion at Yorktown Beach

Almost a year ago Janet sent me an email telling me about her extended family coming to town for a reunion and asked about a photo session.  I was pumped!  I love large families and all the craziness that ensues when you bring everyone together.  The one unpredictable aspect was the weather.  It’s no secret looking around our site that we prefer outdoors for our work, but this family flew in from all over the US and if it rained, then it rained, and we’d move indoors.  But we totally lucked out and not only was it sunny, but it was also warm!  Have you ever bought your kid a cute holiday outfit and wanted just one cute picture of them smiling at the camera?  Well… it didn’t happen this time.  These kids were adorable, but totally over the smiling for the camera, no matter how many crazy silly faces we made or how many songs we sang.  But sometimes that’s what makes the best memory!Cousins, then the second picture down is the four siblings that started all this!
In the second picture down from here, I included one of my favorite outtakes! They’ve been married for almost 10 years– the same amount as Josh and I!