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Brittany + Carl | Deluxe Highlight Film | Ocean City, Maryland

As we were driving up to Ocean City, Maryland, there was a certain excitement in the car. There are only a handful of weddings each year where we all (Josh, Dillon, and myself) get to work together. Our Exclusive Experience package is straight up awesome, and that’s exactly what Brittany + Carl chose for their wedding.

Actually, let me back up on that! Brittany + Carl originally booked us for video only. They had already hired an incredible photographer, Melissa, that we were pumped to work with!  In fact, we had done Melissa’s family photos the year before, and she was the one that referred us in the first place. But then one day last summer I got a phone call that Melissa was expecting and her due date was super close to the wedding, so they asked us to do their photos as well!

I’ll admit, I might have done a happy dance on the sidewalk.  Baby news is always awesome, and weddings as a team are so fun.

Check out Brittany + Carl’s wedding photos here!

And their engagement photos here!