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Business + Photography Mentoring | Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

When these ladies asked if I offered mentoring, the answer was an excited Yes!  I just haven’t advertised it because honestly, I didn’t know people wanted to learn from me.  I love love teaching, especially one-on-one.  Instead of me preparing a long speech with references and worksheets, we get to focus on exactly what the person wants to learn.  Sometimes it’s the business side of things, like how to collect sales tax or a good workflow for the business.  Other times it’s technical, like how to make sure the focus is correct every time, or how to shoot in low light conditions.  And then other times it’s relational, like how to handle difficult clients, what direction the business should go, etc.

Most of the time?  It really is the business side of things.  That’s my favorite topic and I think what a lot of people are seeking these days.  Sure, you can have the best photo skills in the world, but without business knowledge, it’s hard to make an income in this field. And that business knowledge also entails that you know about the latest editing softwares and Animation Video Maker Online Editor | Make Promo Video Intro  in particular.

Mentoring sessions last 3 hours and include head shots!  Before the big day, I have them write out all the things they want to work on, and then focus in on the 3 or 4 biggest topics.  I time it out so we can cover everything they have questions about, but I want to make sure to cover their big topics first.

If you’re interested, contact us and we’ll set up a time that works great for you!
Ryann is absolutely killing it with her business!  She’s based in Smithfield and did the pictures for Bob Fest this year!

Brooke is wise beyond her years, and her clients absolutely love her!  Also, I’m totally digging her camera strap– isn’t it the cutest?

Thank you ladies for trusting us with your education!