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Kayla + Nick | Yorktown Beach Engagement Session

People look at me kind of funny sometimes when I say our entire business runs off of referrals. It’s not that we set out to be that way, it just kind of happened.  We really focus on giving our customers a great experience and we work our butts off to provide them with a quality product… and it’s worth it!

But still, sometimes I doubt myself.  On wedding days, I do so many things that must look ridiculous, and I usually look like a hot mess by the end of the night.  Seriously, I’ll duck in the bathroom and see that my waterproof eyeliner is streaking across my nose, and my shirt is twisted all weird.  So when a couple like Kayla + Nick hire me even after seeing me run a wedding day, I’m always a little amazed.  They want me?  Crazy eyeliner, bad jokes, and all?  Yep, it makes me giddy.  It’s seriously the biggest compliment ever.

And if you scroll all the way to the end of this post, I couldn’t help but share a picture of Nick catching the garter at Brittany + Chris’ wedding last fall.

Let’s chat about Kayla + Nick.  They. are. awesome.  Kayla rocked two completely adorable outfits, and was totally fine with Nick wearing a hat the entire session.  I loved that.  I go into these sessions with the goal of drawing out their personalities and letting it shine through in photos, so when a guy wears a hat 99% of the time, might as well wear it to their session!  Also, marriage is full of compromises, and it looks like these two are managing that quite well already!

As promised, here is Nick totally pumped to catch that garter at The Obici House for Brittany + Chris’ wedding!