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Kim + Derrick | Yorktown Beach Engagement Session

Believe it or not, the engagement session is often our first time meeting a couple!  But with Kim + Derrick, that’s not the case for this power couple.   Derrick was one of the first people we met when we moved to Virginia 5.5 years ago and he quickly became a close friend.  In fact, his older daughters birthday was our first session after moving here!  When we met Kim at his daughters birthday party last year, we knew it was only a matter of time before he popped the question.  Lucky for us, we were there the night he proposed and caught it all on film! And we’ll also be there when they say ‘I do’ this fall.  We can’t wait!

We went to Yorktown beach for their session and because the weather was touch and go, we practically had the place to ourselves! I love how Derrick talks so sweetly about Kim, and how she’s super modest about whatever he’s bragging on.  They’re each others biggest fans!  Just a few days earlier a man had collapsed during the middle of our church service and Derrick told me how Kim (who is a doctor) jumped into action and saved his life.  I think Kim blushed a little, blowing it off as no big deal.  From all other accounts, it was a huge deal (Justin, one of our grooms from last year jumped in to help, too)!

I hope you enjoy their laughter and personalities through these pictures as much as I did during the session!