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Kristina + Lando | Yorktown Beach Engagement Session

We’ve been looking forward to Kristina + Lando’s engagement session for awhile now, and then had to be rescheduled because of rain and high winds… so when we finally met at Yorktown Beach with the most beautiful weather and golden sunset, it was a dream!

With each session, I always have something I’m working on, exploring, or a new technique I want to try.  This session was simple… there is a huge height difference between these two!  Lando is nearly a foot and a half taller than Kristina.  I really wanted to shoot their session with a mix of celebrating the height difference and making it invisible.  One one hand, they’re a couple, and the height difference is part of who they are– I certainly don’t want to hide it!  But at the same time, my main goal is to highlight their love, not their height difference.  There were a few poses that I used that wouldn’t even work with a couple who closer in height, so that was a fun bonus!

Enjoy this super sweet session!!