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Corin + Devri | Cousins Mini Session at Fort Monroe

There’s such a sweet bond between cousins.  I remember when I was little and my cousins moved from Germany– it was the best!  They lived next door to us for awhile, and between both families, there were 9 kids! We had a blast playing with each other and picking on each other.  We made paper airplanes, played hide and seek on teams, and spent most of our days outside playing in the woods.  What’s even better– the cousin who I made an airplane fort with?  He later joined the Air Force!

Needless to say, I was excited to photograph these two cousins and see their sweet bond!  They laughed together and ran all around Fort Monroe until they spotted a park to finish up the evening.  They are two sweethearts!

This session was a mini-session.  It’s when you don’t need a full session, but want just a few pictures!  With only 20 minutes, the session goes super fast and the kids tend to hold it together well!
One thing I never do is bring my daughter to sessions.  She is way too distracting for me!  But this was a special circumstance and her and Corin played quite well together!  I’m not entirely sure Corin knew he was in a photo session because it went so fast and he had so much fun!