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Herbert + Alesha | Full Ceremony Film | Glen Allen, VA

Wedding ceremonies are some of the most significant events we get to film. Let that sink in for a second.  What we get to capture is a family history being made. We are documenting the lives of two people coming together forever, and if you pause and take that in, you begin to realize how times like those with your friends and family really are meaningful. Because of the impact of social media, we constantly see and hear about weddings all the time, and because of that, it’s easy to lose that significance. When we see a post, or just see snippets here and there, the thought of weddings can become very trivial or ordinary in our minds.
So today, we have a unique goal. We want to let you in on something we rarely post– a standalone ceremony. Meet Herbert and Alesha. We LOVED filming Herbert and Alesha’s wedding in Glen Allen, VA. We knew even from just our interaction over email that Herbert and Alesha were some of the most caring individuals we’ve talked with, but meeting them in person was a pleasure, and solidified what we already suspected. Herbert and Alesha were married at Virginia Crossings Hotel and Conference Center,  surrounded by family and many of their best friends. Our favorite element of their film is seeing the genuine love between these two. You can see it in their eyes that they’re just crazy about each other! We hope you enjoy watching this, and equally, we hope that you remember how significant weddings are, and as a result, really celebrate and cherish your loved ones!

Interested in having a ceremony film of your own?  It’s an add-on to any video highlight package!