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Davy + Brooke | Apple Blossom Plantation Wedding, Providence Forge, VA

6 years ago when we moved to this area, we had the privilege of getting to know the Saunders Family. While we didn’t become acquainted right away, we were constantly hearing about how great this family was, how giving they were, and how much they cared about investing in the lives of others. How did we see and hear all this? Well, we went to the same church, Waters Edge Church! After meeting Davy and Tammie early on, and then eventually being introduced to their kids, Davy Jr. and Zach, we immediately saw what everyone was talking about. This family just has an infectious joy that instantly lifts the spirits of anyone around them.
Even though its only been a few short years since we’ve met them, we feel like we kinda watched Davy grow up. I remember him being kind of a kid volunteering on our camera team at church (or I-MAG team, if you’re fancy,) and then he started dating Brooke, who ALSO went to Waters Edge. In only a few short years, the two would date, become engaged, and eventually be married. It’s been the craziest thing to watch!
The thing we love about Davy and Brooke is just watching them be in love. It’s so real and genuine, and they have this feeling about them that just puts you at ease. We know these two are going to do big things together, and we hope you enjoy watching their film as much as we do!