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Reeves Family | Chesapeake Arboretum | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

I have to admit, there are a few butterflies in my stomach when I show up to large family sessions.  I absolutely love them, but… what if all the family members are high drama?  Or what if they are all annoyed that they’re having to do family pictures?  It’s a wild card, and you never quite know until you arrive.  Lucky for me, the Reeves family was amazing and so kind!  No drama, and even though the sky was about to bust open with rain, they carried on, listened patiently, and worked quickly to get as many pictures as possible before the rain came!  Even after it started raining, a few brave souls stuck around for some final pictures.  It’s really, really difficult to get this many schedules organized for pictures, so I’m glad the rain held off as long as it did!

Extended family sessions always start with the large group picture.  Then we work with the smaller sub-groups and get those groupings, and then at the end I open it up for whatever extra pictures they want!  It’s fun because although you want the big family picture, you also want some fun random ones.  Maybe there are some cousins who are best friends and they want their picture together… or maybe all the guys with beards get in a picture.  Sure, it’s fun, goofy stuff, but since you already have a professional photographer there, might as well take advantage of it! When you want to keep family together you can just look for portable cabins to rent.