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Hazel’s First Photo Session! | The Wilson Family | Yorktown

Can I wave my proud mama flag for a minute?  Hazel has taken over my old point and shoot camera.  She carries it around and takes pictures of things when she finds inspiration and it’s adorable.  Every time I leave for a wedding or session she begs to come with me and help out.  She’s four years old!

So when the Wilson’s wanted some photos for a Christmas card, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for her to tag along and they were totally on board!  We forgot her camera at home so she had to use mine.  It was precious watching her pose them and talk with them.  She’s kind of a natural!  The first few are my pictures, and you’ll know when it turns over to Hazel’s.  🙂

Also, want to know how to get your dogs to pose so calmly and perfectly for family photos?  Well, Josh Wilson owns Off Leash K-9 Hampton Roads (and San Francisco, and San Antonio) and teaching dogs impeccable manners is kind of his thing!

I had to get one of Hazel with her first models!  Every photo after that is either hers or some behind the scenes photos I took of her.
She very carefully posed their hands for this photo.  Absolutely precious!