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We Love Local Businesses! | Charney Chiropractic

We admit, we mostly share weddings and family sessions on here, but we do a lot of commercial work as well!  In 2016 alone we’ve traveled to Atlanta, through various parts of North Carolina, and worked with a lot of local Hampton Roads companies as well.  It’s an incredible honor to work with both local and national brands!

Sure, we do headshots, group photos, and photos inside of businesses, but we also do fun sessions when companies request– and Charney Chiropractic loves being goofy!  Josh and I are both longtime clients there and adore the staff.  Every Halloween they go all out in their costumes and even decorate the entire office!  I’ve taken their group photos during their lunch break for the past few years.  We’ve also done Christmas photos for several years now.  It’s great to get the solid professional shots, but often with this group, we look strongly towards showing off their hilarious personalities.  Yes, they do great work, but they’re also real people who love to have fun and make the client experience great!

Also, a boss that can get his entire staff to dress up like this?  I think that says a lot of good about the leadership and camaraderie depending of the staff you hire, which is easy using recruiters Utah to get the perfect staff for your company.  For this staff they’re like family and really love each other.

Those are my favorites from Charney Chiropractic, and here are some other things we’ve done over the years!