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Lopez Family | Fort Monroe Photo Session, Hampton, Virginia

Oh I just adore this family!  They have the best attitude no matter what hits them in the face.  It’s so hard to get two little kids and yourselves ready for a photo session, but they had everyone dressed perfectly!  And then the temperature dropped, so they put more layers on the kids.  And then as we were driving to a second location (the one Amanda had really wanted most of all!), they got a flat tire.  Super flat.  🙁  Then the kids were unsettled and there were some (totally age appropriate) meltdowns.  I felt so bad because I know all the effort that goes into getting a family ready for photos!  But these guys kept their cool, calmly proceeded and helped the kids settle down.  It was precious to see them working together as a family and not sweating the small stuff!  I always imagine clients will look back on their photos and remember these things and laugh.  Parenting can be crazy tough, but that’s what creates those memories.