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Meredith + Todd’s Engagement Session | Downtown Smithfield + Windsor Castle Park

“Actually I think Todd and I are good to shoot even if it is raining. We went out and bought a cute umbrella yesterday.  Of course I wish it wouldn’t rain, but looks like I might be wearing the rain boots this afternoon!”

I don’t make it a habit of quoting brides from their emails, but I couldn’t resist this one.  The weather was looking awfully icky for their engagement session, but Meredith’s attitude was absolutely the best!  It also made me smile because it meant that they trusted me fully.  They trusted that even in the rain, I’d be able to handle whatever comes.  I love that!

We had a great time, the wind gently blew her hair in all the right ways, and even though Todd was feeling a little sick, you’d never know it.  They were relaxed and let their love shine through.  Their wedding is less than a month away and I can’t wait!

All pictures were taken in either downtown Smithfield, Virginia, or Windsor Castle Park which is also in Smithfield, VA.  Their wedding will be at The Obici House in Suffolk, Virginia!