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We Made It To Boston!

We arrived in Boston and spent the 4th of July roaming the city and trying to hold on to the last bit of normalcy for awhile.  Zane wasn’t having the best time.  His whole schedule has been thrown off, he had to take two plane rides (the first since leaving Bulgaria, which can bring up some trauma), and his sister isn’t here to distract him.  He misses her, but we’ve been Facetime-ing to help bring a little bit of comfort to us all.

Our goal is to share a video each day on YouTube.  Here’s the thing, though– if life get’s crazy, then the videos are going out the window.  🙂  We set this goal as a way to grow in our personal and professional lives while being up here.  There are limited things we can do from this far away, and this is something we’ve wanted to work on for a few years now.  You can follow along here!  Subscribe to get updates whenever we post something– and feel free to take bets on how many days we can keep this going.  🙂
^In the picture on the right, Zane is the one holding on to Josh!  He’s super strong!We left the downtown area around 7pm, just as it was starting to get extra busy for the concert and fireworks tonight.  ^We played in the parks and took a Swan Boat ride.  It was neat, but again, Zane was over it.I love to look at the massive buildings in cities.  This church was giant!And you know us… we love some public transportation!  Whether it’s Bulgaria, Atlanta, DC, or Boston, we always get acclimated to the public transit first thing.^Zane was pretending to take a picture of me as I took a picture of him.  It was precious! “Cheese mama!”When booking our hotel, the reviews said that many of the rooms were inward facing to the atrium of the hotel.  I didn’t want that, so I specifically chose a room with a street view (secretly hoping to see some fireworks from our window!).  Yeahhhhhh not so much (see below!). Our room is on the right here, and this is our “street view.”  I mean, technically I can see a piece of pavement from my window so… I can view the street, right??

Today is pre-op and CT scan day.  It’s going to be a long day, but tonight we’ll settle into the host home that we’ll be with the rest of the month.  It’ll be nice to be settled, and then tomorrow is surgery!  He’ll have a jejunal interposition, where they cut out a piece of his small intestine and use it as his esophagus.  There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the basics.  He will no longer have a spit fistula!  He’ll be inpatient for about a month afterwards and I’ll be traveling back and forth for weddings.  Hazel is in North Carolina with her grandparents and will come up here in three weeks.  Three long weeks, but I can’t wait for all of us to be together again!