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Green Family | Deep Creek Lock Park Family Photos

For the third year, I’ve been honored to photograph this sweet family!  The Green’s are on the go with boys just two years apart!  Each year it gets a little more challenging to keep the boys’ attention, but every year the results get that much sweeter.  Snuggling with mama, playing with daddy– these boys are full of love!

But… when they’re done, they’re done.  Parents always wonder if it’s just their kid– no!  It’s almost every kid.  Sessions are tough- photographers have to catch moments as they happen, and that’s where we get so many of the gems!

After a session in the park, we headed back to their house to do a first birthday cake smash with James!  He… wasn’t a fan.  But boy was he cute!
Eating cake is tough, but mommy snuggles?  Those are the best!
And because I love looking back and seeing families grow over the years… 2015, 2016, and 2017.What a difference a year makes!  Also… the black and white photo– it was chilly and windy… but boy didn’t it look great in pictures!