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Matt + Marina | Yorktown Beach Engagement Session

There are so many wonderful things I could say about these two.  They have some of the biggest hearts you’ll ever meet!  They’re kind, welcoming, and really go out of their way to make people feel loved.  A few months ago we met up to visit their wedding location, but stopped for lunch first.  Due to some crazy events, we didn’t have a sitter for our kids, and Matt said, “Bring them with you!”  As we were sitting in the middle of a very crowded restaurant, I felt awkward about feeding Zane through his feeding tube.  It was the first time I had ever felt awkward about it, and it was because the restaurant was absolutely packed and I didn’t want others to feel weird.  Also, Matt had a friend with him and I didn’t want to totally weird him out.  🙂  Josh encouraged me to do it anyway– it’s how he eats, and that was that.  As soon as we started, Matt piped up and made us feel so much more comfortable.  His friend with him also had a feeding tube!  I had no idea, and it was such a neat moment.

Most people who have met Matt and Marina could tell you a similar story– of how they went out of his way to make someone else feel welcome and comfortable.  They compliment each other perfectly and make a great team.

They are also two very busy people, so we ended up doing their engagement pictures the week of their wedding!  It was perfect, though, because the weather was amazing and Marina’s family was in from Russia for the wedding, so we got the chance to include them in some pictures as well.