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Bridal Portraits

Lindsay’s CNU Bridal Session

This girl and her mom have completely stolen my heart. They are kind and sweet and thoughtful.  They had a blast planning Lindsay’s wedding, while also keeping the focus on the important things (like rest, and keeping a strong relationship!).  There’s this buzz in the industry that a lot of times moms take over and the bride loses out in the joy of planning her wedding.  Lindsay and her mom, Robin, are not like that at all!  Robin is her biggest cheerleader and has always kept Lindsay’s desires at the forefront of her thoughts during the process.  It is so heartwarming!!

But there was one thing Robin really wanted… a bridal session!  And Lindsay was more than happy to oblige.  🙂  We sat down in Panera with Emily (who photographed their wedding for us!) and found the perfect spot and planned things out.  We found this gem of a location right at CNU where Lindsay is an alumni!  Isn’t she just stunning??