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Bryce + Amanda | The Historic Post Office, Downtown Hampton, Virginia

Seven years ago we were brand new in town. I had to travel back to Asheville, NC for a wedding and I absolutely dreaded making the trip by myself. I barely knew Amanda, but she offered to take a week off work and travel with me. She knew no one in my hometown and had no idea what she was getting herself into, but she was there. That is the kind of person Amanda is– kind + compassionate– not just for her friends, but to everyone. When she met Bryce, I’ll admit, EVERYONE was sizing him up. Was he good enough for Amanda? Could he possibly deserve the most amazing human being in the world as his wife??

The answer was a resounding YES. Absolutely. They are two peas in a pod, and make an amazing team.  When Amanda first mentioned that there was a new guy, she also mentioned that we should go ahead and look at our December schedule for a wedding.  My mouth dropped open, but she said it with all the confidence in the world.  She knew, he knew, and it was just a matter of planning.  I’m so thankful that Bryce + Amanda found each other– the world is a better place because of the two of them!

When it came to their wedding, I loved all the little details that were so well thought out!  Their last name is Rose, and all the napkins were folded in the shape of a rose.  The colors and theme were fitting for a Navy couple, and most of all, their friends and family were surrounding them the entire day.  I got a little misty eyed as I watched so many of our past brides scurry around to make Amanda’s day amazing.  She had done the same for them on their wedding days, and I just loved watching it all come together.

Three moments stuck out the most in my mind from that day.  The first was their first kiss.  They now hold the record for longest first kiss I’ve ever witnessed!!  The crowd went wild!  Second, I caught a sweet moment before the ceremony where Davy (the pastor that married them) took them aside to pray together.  I see that from time to time and it just warms my heart to start the marriage out!   Finally, their grand exit was one of my very favorites– you definitely need to scroll down to the end to see that!

Venue: The Historic Post Office  |  Catering: Mission BBQ  |  Flowers: Front Porch Flower Co.  |  DJ: Disc Jockeys Now  |  Hair + Makeup: Thayer Stylist  |  Rentals: Hampton Roads Event Rentals  |  Cake: Devin Wilson  |  Photo + Video: Fowler Studios  |  Planner: Teanna Devnew + Amanda Beals + other friends of the bride